I am very pleased and excited to tell all of you that New Score Chamber Orchestra has begun its Kickstarter Campaign. We are all very excited about the future and future possibilities this ensemble gives to composers, performers and audiences here in the area. Please click on the link below and learn how you ban be a part of “making it happen” for this exciting performing ensemble. Thank you for your time, interest and support.

Kickstarter link:             http://kck.st/1dHy482





New Score Chamber Orchestra is participating in this years Red Chair Affair. You can view our submission to this wonderful fund raising event at The CityArts Factory in downtown Orlando from July 18 through August 10. For more information about the Red Chair Affair please visit their website




NSCO Performance, Season 2013

New Score Chamber Orchestra performs at St. Luke’s in TWO WEEKS (Sunday, MAY 19, at 3:00 PM) …Looking forward to the performance and seeing you in the audience. We have a wonderful ensemble and equally exciting and wonderful music to perform for you!


New Score Chamber Orchestra Conductor - Mauricio Cespedes

Dr. Mauricio Cespedes  has travelled the world wearing the many different hats of great musicianship. As a principal violist, Dr. Cespedes has honored the Orlando Philharmonic since 2008. He also performed as principal viola of the Bolivian National Symphony Orchestra, New World School of the Arts Symphony Orchestra, and Miami Symphony Orchestra, to name a few. Playing in every continent, collaborating with some of the finest and most inventive composers, and winning countless awards, greatness has also led Dr. Cespedes to conduct The Chamber Orchestra at a Gift For Music, and assistant conducting of the Florida Young Artists’ Orchestra. The New Score Orchestra currently embraces Dr. Cespedes as their new principle conductor for his enthusiasm and espousal of living composers.


Well, we are now officially three weeks from our debut performance. What has been happening is the musicians have been contacted and music sent out…all last minute dotting of i’s and crossing of t’s are being done, including the paperwork that will officially make New Score Chamber Orchestra a registered 501(c)3 organization. A lot of work but all well worth it. The first facebook invitations went out yesterday (Sunday). Now is the time to ink in that date on your calendar of September 30th at 7:30 pm, Benoit Glazer’s home – his Lake Timuca Concert series. 2000 S. Sumerlin Ave, Orlando, Florida 32806 and look forward to a wonderful evening of music, art and camaraderie. The performance is free, no tickets to purchase or person to notify, just show up. If you wish to bring a gift to the performance for you and everyone to enjoy afterward a bottle of wine and brick of cheese are always a great way to say THANK YOU to Benoit and his gracious family for having these wonderful performances in their home. You can also look forward to meeting and chatting with two of the composers whose music is being performed that evening: Frederic Glesser and Jamie Wehr as well as the artist whose works are being displayed Ruth Bailey. As always all the musicians, including soloists Tammy Phillips and Dr. William Oelfke and our Principal Conductor Michael Garasi will enjoy chatting after the concert.

I want to lastly here thank Ruth Bailey for her wonderful artwork, I have attached a new flyer/poster/news-release with her artwork that was inspired by Frederic Glesser’s piece: Summer Nights Passing. Taking a look at Ruth’s visual rendition of Fred’s piece, this will be an evening of art and music that you will not want to miss.

If anyone has any questions or comments please do not hesitate to write a comment on this page, I am only happy to make myself available to such requests.

God bless,

Jamie Wehr, Artistic Director
New Score Chamber Orchestra

Summer Nights Passing by Ruth Bailey

Dear Friends and Colleagues – This is so exciting and rewarding for me as we move closer to our first rehearsal and performance. I certainly hope that you are taking as much satisfaction and pride in New Score Chamber Orchestra. I certainly hope that if you live in the Central Florida area or will be visiting the area on September 30th you will be able to make New Score Chamber Orchestra’s premier performance.

Since we are now starting to head down the home-stretch so to “write” please help us with generating interest in the performance and the music we are performing. I know this may read a bit “odd” but concerning this is a brand new ensemble, playing music that is brand new we don’t have a “label” that we can fall back on that will easily generate the attention that we will need to get people the performance. Please take part in being a part of making this ensemble’s first performance a memorable one.

Invite people to “like” our page on facebook. I will be sending out an “event notice” on face book as well. When the regular face book page is updated – which is once a week – please post it to your wall as well. Please invite friends, colleagues and interested students…this concert and New Score Chamber Orchestra is something that I hope all musicians aspire to, student, amateur, and professional, young and old, in that it is a performing outlet for performers, composers bringing a new and refreshing repertoire to the audience…who I most certainly hope will likewise be interested and excited about our ensemble.

Here is the press release, and Dawn our new Director of Community Involvement has already started contacting people who are interested in who we are, what we do and in the performance…and will continue to work in that direction. If you would like a copy of the press release to post for your studio or school, work, etc. Please let Dawn know…she checks this site fairly regularly and would be happy to get you a copy via file or hard copy, which ever works best.

New Score Chamber Orchestra Press Release September 2012

It is with great anticipation that I look forward to performing for, performing with, a wonderful and enthusiastic audience, composer/colleagues, and genuine friends and excellent musicians.

God bless - Jamie Wehr


I am currently playing phone tag with Dan Flick concerning his piece Florida Suite which I most certainly hope we will have the opportunity to perform at Benoit’s. To perform a major work not only by a colleague but a dear friend is so very… exciting to me, hopefully to you and certainly to Dan. Keep your fingers crossed that Dan and my phone lines will soon cross and we have this wonderful music to perform on our September 30th performance.

Be looking for updates here, I’ll be posting at least once a week now -

Jamie Wehr, Artistic Director


I am very excited to tell everyone that New Score Chamber Orchestra has a concert date at Benoit Glazer’s Lake Timuca Concert Series on September 30th. If you want to learn more about Benoit’s amazing series and all the incredible things he does for the arts in the Central Florida area, please look up his website at: http://www.timucua.com/.

I am also excited that Ruth Bailey may have her artwork displayed during the performance…to see why I feel so strongly about her work please visit: http://ruthbaileyart.com/ you’ll be impressed, I am certain.

Hope to see you there!


As a performing musician, composer and transcriber, this ensemble is an endeavor of a life time and a dream come true for me, and I certainly hope, as well, for everyone who is able to attend our performances.

The mission of New Score Chamber Orchestra is to champion the music of living composers and transcribers, to enliven the repertoire and make the performances something new and dynamic for the audience. We are pleased to be performing in the sanctuary of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Oviedo, Florida, which has a long and rich musical tradition for hosting performances of ensembles from chamber orchestras, chorus, chamber ensembles, as well as the more contemporary Christian Pop artists.

One of the most engaging and exciting aspects of performing at St. Luke’s is that the performances are free and open to the public, which allows those of the audience who may not normally attend performances by the finest ensembles in the Central Florida area to bring the whole family to enjoy the music.

While New Score Chamber Orchestra is just now getting its start, I hope that you will return again and again to this site, as it will be updated regularly so you may learn more of what we are doing in regards to performances, the music literature we are programming, and the featured soloists who will be performing. Please feel free to contact us with questions about who we are, what we do, and about the mission of New Score Chamber Orchestra. I hope you will be able to join me in celebrating the music being written today for the audiences of today.


Jamie Wehr, Artistic Director
New Score Chamber Orchestra